Bridge Prestressing

SCON Post tension system consists of both Bonded as well as unbonded systems. We do prestressing in following fields.

Bridge pre tensioning / post tensioning, Building post tensioning, Wind mill tower prestressing, Precast prestressed segments, Prestressed rock anchors, Cable stay as well as Arch Bridge High Tension rod / cable prestressing.

SCON PRESTRESSING SYSTEM tested as per FIP CODE.( Anchorage efficiency Test, Load transfer Test, Fatigue test.) in IIT Chennai India, CTL Chicago USA

We have system suitable for 12.7mm as well as 15.2mm and 15.7mm

We have system suitable for epoxy coated strand as well as galvanised strand with wax filled pe coated.

We have HDPE Sheathing manufacturing unit for flat ducts as well as round ducts.

We are exporting our products to many gulf countries like Oman, Bahrain, Dubai and Malaysia.