Cable Stay


OVM multi-strand stay cable system consists of multiple high strength PE sheathed galvanized or epoxy coated and parallelly placed strands, compact anchorages at both ends, outer HDPE pipes, dampers, monitoring system (alternatively) and other accessories. It is designed according to and Fulfil the requirements in Fib, CIP, PTI, etc.


  • Excellent fatigue resistance performance. Fatique tests have proven that a stress range 250MPa and upper stress 0.45GTUS are successfully resisted for over 2 million dynamic cycles.
  • Good anchoring reliability, Static load tests have proven to satisfy min. 0.95GUTS; Even under low service stress condition, e.g, 0.05GUTS, it still maintains reliable anchoring function
  • Except wedges being set and rigidly contacted in conical holes of anchor plate to transfer cable load to bridge structures, there is no other rigid contact occurrences along full length of cable and it avoid fretting fatigue and hence well enhance the entire system’s fatigue performance
  • Good water tightness performance and satisfies requirements in fib, CIP & PTI.
  • Good corrosion protection system. Stable and durable Filler are filled inside of anchorage to provide good corrosive protection on anchoring and tensile elements; Individual strand is protected by multiple barriers. Outer HDPE pipe serves to protect internal tensile elements and resist UV radiation.
  • Easy installation. Capable of individual strand stressing and de-stressing operation, as well as integral cable stressing and adjustment operation.
  • Individual strand is inspectable and replaceable. Cable replacement could be done with very slightly interference to traffic running on bridge, and no need heavy equipment for this operation.
  • Cable force and health condition could be monitored during its construction process and whole service life.