Bridge Bearings

For the structural stability and higher durability of large bridges our company manufactures heavy duty Bridge Bearings which is installed in between the substructures to resist and transfer the higher loads due to traffic passing over them, earthquake, self-weight of the structure and wind loads. This highly rigid and sturdy component helps to control the movement and reduces the stress induced within the structure. It is suitable to withstand transverse, longitudinal and rotational loading. This component part can be easily installed with the help of anchor fasteners.

The Bridge bearings are the advanced bridge components, accessible with an outstanding resting surface. These allow for controlled movement and can lessen the stresses. Supplied are the outstanding thermal expansions. The bearings we deal in can resist fatigue and allow for improved bearing surface. Bridge bearings offered by us are the modern structures. Offered bearing structures can work with specific types of rocker bearing as well as roller bearing. These allow for simple rotation and effortless movement.