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The SCON organization's Bridge Division is highly skilled in manufacturing, supplying, and installing state-of-the-art bridges. Their expertise includes prestressing systems such as HDPE corrugated sheathing, anchorage cone, and anchorage heads wedges. They also excel in the installation of various bridge bearings, including POT-PTFE bearing, elastomeric bearing, pin metal bearing, and spherical bearing. In addition, they specialize in structural expansion joints such as strip seal, seal, and modular. Their vast range of services includes the supply of prestressing equipment with hydraulic jacks from 5 ton to 1000 ton capacity, hydraulic pump, grouting dund, etc. SCON's Bridge Division is also known for its expertise in the rehabilitation and lifting of heavy spans. Their services are highly professional and reliable, and they are experts in cable stay installation and expansion.

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Cable Stay Bridge

  1. Arch Bridges

  2. Suspension Bridges

  3. Extradosed Bridges

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Repairs and Rehabilitation

  1. Lifting & Shifting of Girder/Span

  2. Bearing Replacement

  3. External Prestressing

  4. Fiber Wrapping

  5. Epoxy Grouting

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