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Our prestressing rock anchoring system is a robust and efficient solution designed for stabilizing and reinforcing rock formations. It involves the use of high-strength steel tendons securely anchored within the rock, providing enhanced structural integrity and load-bearing capacity. This system is ideal for various applications, including slope stabilization, tunneling, and foundation support, ensuring reliable performance in challenging geological conditions.

rock anchoring


PRESTRESSING ROCK ANCHOR (Inclined & vertical)

"Inclined prestressing rock anchors provide critical stability to structures on slopes. These anchors use tensioned cables or High tensile strands embedded in rock to counteract gravitational forces, enhancing the structural integrity of foundations. The inclined configuration optimally distributes the load, preventing slope instability and potential landslides. This innovative technique is widely employed in geotechnical engineering for securing infrastructure on challenging terrains. By harnessing the strength of the rock mass, inclined prestressing rock anchors contribute to the durability and safety of construction projects."


PASSIVE ROCK ANCHOR- (Inclined & vertical)

Vertical rock anchors, also known as rod anchors, are crucial components in raft foundations. These anchors are embedded vertically into the rock substrate beneath the foundation, enhancing stability and preventing horizontal movement. Their robust design ensures effective load transfer, providing a secure foundation for structures. Vertical rock anchors play a key role in maintaining the integrity and durability of raft foundations, especially in areas with challenging geological conditions.

ground anchor
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A Self-Drilling Hollow Anchor Bolt with grouting combines drilling and anchoring in one step, streamlining installation. Its hollow design allows for efficient grouting, enhancing stability. Ideal for diverse applications, this bolt offers quick and reliable solutions in construction and engineering projects. Save time and ensure robust connections with this versatile and innovative anchoring solution.

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