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Bridge Expansion Joint Replacement

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Expansion Joint is the device used to bridge the Gap provided in between the Structural Elements that could either be the two adjacent deck segments or in between the Abutment and the first deck Slab of the Bridge Structure

Essential Features

  • Water Tightness.

  • Durable and Maintenance Free.

  • Smooth Riding Surface.

  • Minimal Resistance to Structure Movement.

Causes of Replacement of Joints:-

  • De Bonding of Joint with the Structure Age of the Structure.

  • Improper working of the Joint System.

  • Bumpy riding surface.

  • To improve the life of the structure etc.

Procedure for Rehabilitation of Joints:-

  • Barricading of half Carriageway

  • Dismantling of old expansion Joints

  • Preparation of Block-Out for Installation of New expansion Joint System.

  • Steel Armour/Extrusion Erection

  • Shuttering

  • Epoxy coating

  • Concrete Casting

  • Curing of Concrete

  • Work of Second carriageway

  • Seal Installation

  • Open The Traffic 

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