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HDPE Sheathing Pipe - (Duct)

HDPE Sheathing Pipe - (Duct)

We are using HDPE Ducts/Sheathing in our PT- Bonded system.

HDPE ducts are manufactured flat and are uniform in shape and size which has absolutely no possibilities of leakage of slurry into the ducts, while concreting.

HDPE ducts have lower values for coefficient of friction and wobble coefficients, leading to reduced short term prestress losses during stressing operations. GI ducts need joints at every 4m length which requires another joint treatment and may be the source of leakage in future. Laying of HDPE pipes is easier and faster than GI Ducts

HDPE Ducts are widely used in all Metro and bridge works. Use of HDPE Ducts is recommended in IRC 18:2000.

  • IRC-112 /  (FIB)
  • Round Dimension: - 51MM,65MM,75MM,85MM,90MM,107MM,121MM   
  • Flat Dimension: -   4S13, 5S13, 4S13, 5S13
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